Michelle Branch


I just won 2 FREE tickes to see Michelle Branch on top of the swanky downtown Chicago Wit Hotel!  I jumped up and down for about point three seconds before my husband Todd notified me that a) I have plans on Saturday with his parents and that b) I am hanging out with his mother while c) Todd and father-in-law are attending Harry Potter.

I really like Todd’s parents but Todd says the hotel concert isn’t his mom bag.  Not even to hang out on the Wit Hotel rooftop?  Oh well, it’s not like I am a huge Michelle Branch fan, but guess what?  I now have 2 tickets to give away!!

Leave a comment below with your e-mail and I will randomly give them away on Friday, July 15th at 10.00am.  You will have until 2pm on Friday to pick them up from me downtown in the Chicago Loop. 

Actual concert day/time:  Saturday, July 16 @ 2pm.  Wit Hotel Rooftop.